Quick question

January 31, 2007

Anyone out there care for Gilmore Girls?

Why do I ask? I’m sitting here with Lisa recovering from the video shoot today, and I’m finding it very witty. Next up, Veronica Mars, trust when I say that the writers for this show know what they’re doing.

PS. Not much longer until the return of Lost! Anyone excited?

Ok, so that’s two questions, but I changed my mind. Sleep well all.


“Don’t Cha?”

January 30, 2007

I’ll let your imagination run a little with this one. The only thing I’m going to say is that I’ll be posting a video in the not to distant future, it involves the GC Staff, and it could stir up the church waters…

Our new series “Best Sex Ever” starts this week and we’re shooting a short film today…

Be posting on it soon…

Also forgot to give out some props to Los from RAGAMUFFINSOUL.COM for the inspiration behind RE:WORSHIP, thanks heeps man, and keep posting!



January 30, 2007

As promised… Enjoy! *note the buzzing towards the middle… my laundry had just finished;)

How was your Sunday?

Set list?

Speechless (Nooma-RICH)

January 29, 2007

Rob you’ve grabbed me by the spiritual coconuts yet again!

How often do you take things for granted?


January 28, 2007

Today was rough yo. I’m working on a nap, not hleping that I’m typing, so I’ll try and post RE:WORSHIP #1 tonight… if not it shall have to wait til tomorrow… it’ll be good either way, trust! Hope you all get some rest before the work week.


Countdown to RE:WORSHIP… numero uno!

January 28, 2007

Alright, so here’s the deal… I’m chilln’ with Lisa, watching a flick, and it’s just a few hours til’ Sunday. Sunday is the day where I do my thing. What’s my thing you ask? To be brutally honest, my thing is serving Christ, and somehow I have also gotten thrown into this music thing, this leading worship thing, and it’s awesome… even though it can be frustrating, exhausting, and unbearable at times (brutally honest remember). I’ll post on that soon.

For the past year, every Sunday I’ve been leading worship for GENESISCHURCH.TV and tomorrow I will make my first attempt to log in my thoughts and feelings of our sets. For now it will consist of writings, but videos and pics will follow in the future. I’d like to now give props to Carlos Whittaker, RAGAMUFFINSOUL.COM, for the inspiration for this. So prepare yourselves for what’s to come…

See ya in a bit…


Whew… Success!!!

January 27, 2007


What a great night! Food, fun, and lots of couples yelling and shouting out answers as loud as they could. This was just one of many families and couples events focused on bringing our people closer together outside of the church. It’s amazing sometimes, to think that we have a church that runs around 1,200 and people still don’t know each other as well as they should. We’re really hoping to change that. PB, our lead pastor, and his wife were also able to join us, which only helps to connect people. For some reason people like to feel close and connected to their pastor;).

Mad props to my wife, Stu, and all the volunteers that helped put it together and those who provided child care.

As promised, here are some pics… enjoy!