Jesus: Tales From The Crypt

February 26, 2007


“Brace yourself. James Cameron, the man who brought you ‘The Titanic’ is back with another blockbuster. This time, the ship he’s sinking is Christianity.

In a new documentary, Producer Cameron and his director, Simcha Jacobovici, make the starting claim that Jesus wasn’t resurrected –the cornerstone of Christian faith– and that his burial cave was discovered near Jerusalem. And, get this, Jesus sired a son with Mary Magdelene.

No, it’s not a re-make of “The Da Vinci Codes’. It’s supposed to be true.

Let’s go back 27 years, when Israeli construction workers were gouging out the foundations for a new building in the industrial park in the Talpiyot, a Jerusalem suburb. of Jerusalem. The earth gave way, revealing a 2,000 year old cave with 10 stone caskets. Archaeologists were summoned, and the stone caskets carted away for examination. It took 20 years for experts to decipher the names on the ten tombs. They were: Jesua, son of Joseph, Mary, Mary, Mathew, Jofa and Judah, son of Jesua.
Israel’s prominent archeologist Professor Amos Kloner didn’t associate the crypt with the New Testament Jesus. His father, after all, was a humble carpenter who couldn’t afford a luxury crypt for his family. And all were common Jewish names.

There was also this little inconvenience that a few miles away, in the old city of Jerusalem, Christians for centuries had been worshipping the empty tomb of Christ at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Christ’s resurrection, after all, is the main foundation of the faith, proof that a boy born to a carpenter’s wife in a manger is the Son of God.

But film-makers Cameron and Jacobovici claim to have amassed evidence through DNA tests, archaeological evidence and Biblical studies, that the 10 coffins belong to Jesus and his family.

Ever the showman, (Why does this remind me of the impresario in another movie,”King Kong”, whose hubris blinds him to the dangers of an angry and very large ape?) Cameron is holding a New York press conference on Monday at which he will reveal three coffins, supposedly those of Jesus of Nazareth, his mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. News about the film, which will be shown soon on Discovery Channel, Britain’s Channel 4, Canada’s Vision, and Israel’s Channel 8, has been a hot blog topic in the Middle East (check out a personal favorite: Israelity Bites) Here in the Holy Land, Biblical Archeology is a dangerous profession. This 90-minute documentary is bound to outrage Christians and stir up a titanic debate between believers and skeptics. Stay tuned.”

–Tim McGirk/Jerusalem (Time Magazine Blog)

It will be interesting to see what becomes of this story. I caught the NBC Today Showthis morning, interviewing the documentary’s directors. I admit, I did a double take, but my faith is far from shaken. For years people have been fighting to disprove what we as Christians believe, so why should this be that surprising then? Am I mad? No. Am I concerned for the faith? Not at all. I am just going to devote to praying, loving, and living as Jesus instructed. Plus, science has been wrong before… not all the time mind you, but I can’t see science as completely fail safe. Sometimes I wonder if things are brought up just because what we believe isn’t agreed with. Dunno… Titanic I think it won’t be.


It’s been sometime now

February 26, 2007

I think it’s been almost six days or so since my last blog… yes to those of you wondering, I’m still alive. I found myself without wi-fi this past weekend on our staff retreat in Jacksonville. If you are wondering, it was anaweomse time of vision casting and goal setting for this new year. Get readt GC, there’s some awesome stuff happening and also in the works for the future. Thanks to PB, Dr. Chambers, and all the rest of you involved in making a great weekend.

So now I’m back…

Today was a good day, amidst the rain and all, and I look forward to filling you guys in tomorrow… RE:WORSHIP is coming at yous! Hope you’ve all had a great weekend…



February 21, 2007

When it comes to sports I am completely devoted to futbol(soccer here in the states) and hockey(that’s the northerner in me). It really doesn’t matter who it is, I will watch just because I love the sports… which brings me to this statement… I have found a new sport that has completely grabbed my attention. I had the pleasure of watching my first rugby match the other day. What I saw so connected with my “inner man” that it has quickly become my new fav! I owe most of the credit to my new favorite team as well… the New Zealand All Blacks… basically New Zealand’s National Team. These guys are amazing! Now to my post…

The following video is the reason why I took in the viewing of my first rugby match. This happened right before the game started. What you are now going to watch is called a “HAKA”. It stems from the culture and traditions of samoan tribes of New Zealand. A HAKA is a challenge issued from one tribe to another during a battle. It’s a declaration of victory and made to intimidate the opposing tribe. I have never seen anyone do this in any kind of sport I’ve ever seen. These guys would intimidate the ever living crap out of me.

To me this completely rocks… and here we go… 


Who told this guy YES?

February 21, 2007

For the love of all that is good and holy… I pray that he’s better with a gun than he is at public performances…

Words begin to escape me… enjoy!


February 21, 2007

Is it Tuesday already?

February 20, 2007

Wow… I really have gone a while without a post. Not to worry all, RE:WORSHIP is going up tonight. Get ready, cause here I come!


Happy Monday!

February 19, 2007

So there’s a lot going on in my world…

What’s new with you guys? Anything interesting?

Oh yeah, today’s turning out to be a great day. Stay tuned for RE:WORSHIP!