Just played my latest gig in Ohio… and yes, I am officially hooked on this game. I thought just playing on a real guitar was sweet… this is flippn’ amazing!


There’s is something about moving the coffee table, getting in my stance, and listening to the crowd begging you to rock them… So I do! Just got the game over the weekend, and no I haven’t gone crazy, but I do think I am becoming slightly addicted. Anyone in my area shoot me a line… I’m looking to get a group together to jam baby. I’m actually going to try and set up one of our church projectors and screens and have a “church” Guitar Hero II partaa!

“For those about to rock…”


8 Responses to GUITAR HERO II!!!!

  1. Kathy says:

    I for one would be a huge fan of a guitar hero II party. I’ve never played but really want to.

    -Pearl the Landlord

  2. Kyle says:

    dude, i’m down for that. i’ll rock your face off in some guitar hero! ha, maybe not…but i love to play that game!!! let’s go

  3. mudpuppy says:

    The buzz on this is really starting to tempt me…

    Would this also be something my 3 year old would enjoy? (He loves jamming on a guitar already).

  4. Micah says:

    dude. i dont know if you know this but you can plug in two guitars and play lead a rhythm, or lead and bass. we have to do it soon before BJ moves. I am free as a bird come April 28th.

  5. Kathy says:

    Game totally rocks. I would never do anything if I owned that thing.
    I must master the psychodelic crazy song. I MUST!

  6. scottythornton says:

    DDR > Guitar Hero… that is all.

  7. John says:

    You make this statement: “I’m actually going to try and set up one of our church projectors and screens and have a “church” Guitar Hero II partaa!”

    Why do you go to church? The Bible preaches purity, innocense, modesty, and humility. This is wisdom.

    I just witnessed Guitar Hero for the first time. It is filled with sexual lyrics, pentagrams, smoking, scantilly clad girls, and the defiant, bad-boy, rock and roll “I’ll do whatever the hell I want.” attitude. Is this WJWD? Would he throw a Guitar Hero party? Would he endorse this game?

    I know people find it incredibly fun so I don’t expect many people to change their minds on this, but if you’re smart, you’ll give it a second thought. If you arrive at the same conclusion that “it’s ok”, I think maybe you should rethink why you’re even going to church.

  8. Marie says:

    Does your church have one of those big led video walls like a Vista Spyder? That would be awesome to play Guitar Hero II on something like that. That must be nice to be able to use your church multimedia stuff- I’m sure the party will be a blast!

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