Evil Squirrels

May 4, 2007

Yet another reason for me to love Mr. Crowder… dude even lives in the house of the inventor of Dr. Pepper!




April 18, 2007

I’m dedicating this post to one of my best buds Greg. I know he’s been wondering what keeps me outta the water… we’ll…

First, note the sheer size of the fish…


Note again the sheer siaze of the fish… and take a gander at the mouth!


This thing scares the bejezzus outta me!


So Greg, I hope this explains a bit about me and fishing.

Have any of you ever seen anything like this?!

Who told this guy YES?

February 21, 2007

For the love of all that is good and holy… I pray that he’s better with a gun than he is at public performances…

Words begin to escape me… enjoy!

Gotta love those yankees

February 15, 2007

┬áThank you Los for this morning’s laugh!


February 13, 2007

So it’s Tuesday here at the Genesischurch.tv offices and things are pretty normal. I’m working on the set for next week today… trust that this weekend’s set is going to be amazing. We’re changing it up a bit… all I’ll say is candles, nice. Oh, that reminds me, today is RE:WORSHIP day! Afteranother slight delay in taping I will be posting how this past weekend’s worship went.

Right now we’re deep in the heart of our Best Sex Ever series with week 3 on the horizon.


It’s been quite an experience. I don’t think I’ve heard some many Christians complaining so much in my life. I guess I have a hard time understanding why church folk want to label sex as inherently evil. Sometimes I even wonder if people truly realize who the author and creator of sex is. God made it, whatever God makes is good… it’s just gone to crap in our hands. Yes, the world has completely misused this gift that God has given, but does that mean we need to throw it under the rug, label it shameful… sinful, and call it a day. NO!

It’s time that the church wake up and tackle the issues we face as believers. If we want our kids to grow up with an understanding of the truth shouldn’t this be included? Sex between a man and woman is intimate and it is a private thing. But, it’s not bad, and we need to let our kids know that! We need to teach them what scripture says about sex, who it’s for, and when it should happen. If we don’t start doing it then kids will continue to get sex advice from their “friends” and everyone and anything else they come in contact with. Please don’t ask me at what age you should begin… but just know that sex is everywhere, and today could be the day that little Billy goes to school, sits down in his and or 3rd grade class, and has a conversation with Timmy the neighbor boy…

I realize I started rambling off the topic of Tuesday, but it has just been urking me all month. That someone could see a billboard and think it’s going to lead to some irreversible damage to their child that will take them on a slippery slope to sin and having sex… When our kids are faced with the issue of sex we need to immediately explain in a way they can understand and not just tell them it’s bad, don’t talk about it.

If anyone should talk about sex it’s us… it’s believer’s, it’s God’s people. He gave it to us as a gift and we should teach and pass on what it means, where it came from, and how to handle it.

Ok, that’s my rant for the day. I’m going to get back to my set for next week. Be posting again soon!


Say no to drugs… good enough for me

February 1, 2007

Ok, I’m pretty sure that this clip will speak for itself, but…

So Lisa leaves me to attend a missions’ meeting at the Annex(our community center/offices) to discuss our upcoming mission trips. Just me, my pup Chloe, Stu’s dog Mia just chilln’. Finding that my computer can’t connect because of flippn’ Embarq, I venture into the tv world… flippn’, nothing… flippn’ a little more, nothing… flippn’, flippn’, flippn’, dude’s arm bleeding!? Yep, it caught me. TLC has these documentaries they’re always showing and I always seem to get sucked in. So I did, and then was kinda disturbed. Check it out for yourself, and please make sure to show these to your kids if they ever approach you with a desire to take up bodybuilding.

Seriously… the dude’s arms exploded!



Ok, I’m officially ticked!

February 1, 2007

Wow, I finally got online! From 4:23 (when I got home from work) until right now, I’ve been pacing to and fro around my house. why you ask? Well now that I’ve calmed down I’ll explain…

Yeah, so I don’t know who you guys use, but I’ve got Embarq… yeah, it’s got good speed, but it’s freakn’ unreliable! It goes offline every 30 minutes for about an hour! Is anyone out there using Embarq besides me? If so, are you dealing with the same crap I am. This is also not a recent problem, it’s been like this since we installed.. Now, on the one hand it’s free service that comes with the ministry position… on the other, it’s a real tool sometimes. Sorry, just venting.

So I’m back on now… check blogs, posting comments, checking email, let’s see how long it lasts.