“Oh what a beautiful morning… oh what a beautiful day”

February 9, 2007

Today’s forecast: FRICKN’ AWESOME!

So I’m thinking winter is pretty much over because the sun has been out and today is one the most beautiful days I’ve seen in a while. The morning started out nice as I stepped out into the cool, crisp morning en route to meet up with one of my best buds, RJ. Had some Chick-Fil-A and took in a morning movie. Good times, great discussion, and some good entertainment… yeah a good morning.

Now I’m chilln’ with the wife, eating some fruit, realxing from our afternoon walk. Right now I’m feeling good. We’ve got the windows open, the fans are on, and the breeze is just right. Thank you God for days like this, days that remind us of you and of this world around us made by your hands.

Gonna relax for a while before dinner at the Young’s, a really awesome couple from our church. I think today’s going to finish out like it started.

How’s everything in your neck of the woods?