Sam Raimi… Stan Lee… what have you done?!

May 5, 2007


*Disclaimer: I’m still a fan… of the comic…

This post was birthed out of the 3 and 1 half hours I spent watching a train wreck last night.

The beginning…

Wife was throwing a shower for our friend Laurel, so I had the night with Greg, RJ, Micah, Steph, Alison, Lance, and Abby. Started out by heading to decent pizza, first time, and it was great. I’ll definitely be making a visit there again… back to the story. Earlier that day I made the trek to AMC Theatres to pick up some tickets for a movie I had been looking forward to seeing for some time now… got ’em. Met peeps for dinner, then headed up to the mall. Met up with a few other people including my bud Lance and got into our designated line for entry into the theater.

We go in…

Let me also say that the first two Spidey movies were fantastic, although still pale in comparison to Batman Begins, I enjoyed them quite a lot. With that said, I was a little excited sitting in my chair as the commercials played onscreen.

The previews…

It started getting good here. There are just a large number of movies coming out this summer that  look entertaining.  Then, the all to famous  add asking everyone to politely  silence their phones, to which no one ever really seems to grasp hold of. Fade to black… and now the opening sequence to the movie… here we go!

What the….???!!!!

The next 3 1/2 hours I truly couldn’t believe what I was watching… the acting… bad, the story line… underdeveloped and un entertaining,  the  summation… this movie was really crappy and a total injustice to the franchise and the first two movies. I am in no way comic book fanatic, I was big into it a youngster, so I do know a good bit about certain comics. With that small amount of knowledge I also was upset by some of the changes in the story… man, oh man.

So yeah. Spiderman 3 was a bust, a bust of the worst kind. I would strongly urge any who read this to not go see it, but having seen the first two you probably will so I’ll just caution you to not get your hopes up. This was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a good bit. It was mind-numbing and seemed as if it were thrown together just to get a product out there. The rest I will let you experience for yourselves.

Now I’m just hoping that DC takes their time with “The Dark Knight” and continues in what could develope into arguably the greatest franchise  of comic movies ever…