Stay Tuned

April 25, 2007

So as most of you have guessed, mainly by observing my blog, I haven’t posted a RE:WORSHIP in quite some time now. I would like to officially notify you that I will keep off my new “worship confessional” this summer… gimme a week or so more…

I want to take some more time and revamp it, while setting aside some time outta my day to do so. Trust that what is coming will be great. I’m excited to be back and blogging again. It’s nice to know I was missed. Hope you all are having a great week!




March 1, 2007

So apologies are in order for the time in it’s taken to get this latest post.

Due to iMovie pretty much craping out on me, my video for this week was erased… how mad do you think I am?

¬†Anyway, here’s a quick recap of the songs from last Sunday February 25th:

1. FREE – Hillsong United

2. I AM FREE – Desperation Band

3. THERE IS NOTHING LIKE – Hillsong United

4. ALL IN NEED IS YOU – Hillsong United

– message

5. I LOVE YOUR PRESENCE – Brenton Brown

¬†Sunday was great… the songs flowed and the spirit moved. God is faithful and that’s a rap!



February 21, 2007


February 14, 2007

Be patient folks…

February 5, 2007

After a very long weekend, filled with the flu, puking uncontrollably, and having one of the highest temperatures I’ve ever run, added with singing for the morning service and the evening communion before the SuperBowl party I was wasted. So to bed I went last night. And today, after some good recovery sleep, I will shoot the latest installment of RE:WORSHIP. It’ll be good, it was a very interesting weekend. I’ll keep you posted. See yous soon!



January 30, 2007

As promised… Enjoy! *note the buzzing towards the middle… my laundry had just finished;)

How was your Sunday?

Set list?

Countdown to RE:WORSHIP… numero uno!

January 28, 2007

Alright, so here’s the deal… I’m chilln’ with Lisa, watching a flick, and it’s just a few hours til’ Sunday. Sunday is the day where I do my thing. What’s my thing you ask? To be brutally honest, my thing is serving Christ, and somehow I have also gotten thrown into this music thing, this leading worship thing, and it’s awesome… even though it can be frustrating, exhausting, and unbearable at times (brutally honest remember). I’ll post on that soon.

For the past year, every Sunday I’ve been leading worship for GENESISCHURCH.TV and tomorrow I will make my first attempt to log in my thoughts and feelings of our sets. For now it will consist of writings, but videos and pics will follow in the future. I’d like to now give props to Carlos Whittaker, RAGAMUFFINSOUL.COM, for the inspiration for this. So prepare yourselves for what’s to come…

See ya in a bit…