February 21, 2007

When it comes to sports I am completely devoted to futbol(soccer here in the states) and hockey(that’s the northerner in me). It really doesn’t matter who it is, I will watch just because I love the sports… which brings me to this statement… I have found a new sport that has completely grabbed my attention. I had the pleasure of watching my first rugby match the other day. What I saw so connected with my “inner man” that it has quickly become my new fav! I owe most of the credit to my new favorite team as well… the New Zealand All Blacks… basically New Zealand’s National Team. These guys are amazing! Now to my post…

The following video is the reason why I took in the viewing of my first rugby match. This happened right before the game started. What you are now going to watch is called a “HAKA”. It stems from the culture and traditions of samoan tribes of New Zealand. A HAKA is a challenge issued from one tribe to another during a battle. It’s a declaration of victory and made to intimidate the opposing tribe. I have never seen anyone do this in any kind of sport I’ve ever seen. These guys would intimidate the ever living crap out of me.

To me this completely rocks… and here we go…