Long time coming…

April 18, 2007

Well heeeellllllllloooooooo!!!!!

How the heck has everyone been? If any of you have missed me or wondered where the heck I’ve been, I am now officially back on the blog! My life has been busy the past month, so the week before Easter I decided to take a breather… and focus on being outside, writing more songs, being a little more active. Now, I’m not saying that won’t continue, but I am adding blogging back into my lifestyle. More to come, but I wanted to let you all know that I’m back and ok.



“…Taste The Rainbow”

March 20, 2007

Ok, I have to say that my day has officially been made thanks in part to the Skittles Corporation. I don’t know who it is, but I’d love to meet the person who sits around and comes up with these. I’d also like to note that the singing bunny had me in tears… Enjoy!

RE:WORSHIP 5… and 6

March 19, 2007

Alrighty folks, here is the rundown for the two weeks preceding yesterday…

03.04.07 SET:
2. EVERLASTING GOD – Brenton Brown (Vineyard)
3. EVERMORE – Hillsong United
4. SURRENDER – Brenton Brown (Vineyard)

03.11.07 SET:
2. ALL WE NEED – Charlie Hall
3. MORE THAN LIFE – Hillsong United
4. TAKE ALL OF ME – Hillsong United
*Note that this week was the beginning of my seasonal sinus infection (it’s hard to sing when it feels like you’re being strangled). I hate it when your throat is closing up in the middle of a song and you just have to fight through it.

Cheers! Stay tuned for the RE:WORSHIP video for yesterday… first week of our new TRADITIONS Experience!

It’s been sometime now

February 26, 2007

I think it’s been almost six days or so since my last blog… yes to those of you wondering, I’m still alive. I found myself without wi-fi this past weekend on our staff retreat in Jacksonville. If you are wondering, it was anaweomse time of vision casting and goal setting for this new year. Get readt GC, there’s some awesome stuff happening and also in the works for the future. Thanks to PB, Dr. Chambers, and all the rest of you involved in making a great weekend.

So now I’m back…

Today was a good day, amidst the rain and all, and I look forward to filling you guys in tomorrow… RE:WORSHIP is coming at yous! Hope you’ve all had a great weekend…


Is it Tuesday already?

February 20, 2007

Wow… I really have gone a while without a post. Not to worry all, RE:WORSHIP is going up tonight. Get ready, cause here I come!


Happy Monday!

February 19, 2007

So there’s a lot going on in my world…

What’s new with you guys? Anything interesting?

Oh yeah, today’s turning out to be a great day. Stay tuned for RE:WORSHIP!

The Grammys

February 12, 2007

So it’s been quite a day today and Lisa and I are finishing it up by taking in some great performances. If you’re just chilln’ in your crib tonight I recommend flipping on over to CBS and relax. Right now Mary J. Blidge is tearing it up and making a statement… go Mary.

Today was a really good day… trust. Stay tuned for RE:WORSHIP tomorrow. Hope eveyone’s weekend has been totally great.

Dang… Mary J. is freaking blowing up the stage right now, gotta go…